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Gift Cards - A PTO Fundraiser

Did you know?

Encourage your families and friends to order on your behalf.  Have that person choose “People I Support” (found on the page just after ScripZone login) and enter your email address.  This way you can earn more profits by encouraging others to help you.

ScripZone WebsiteYou can help the Candia PTO raise funds for our school just by purchasing Gift Cards at face value.

You can use it to buy gift cards to the stores where you normally shop.

Be sure to purchase your gift cards for the holidays, spring clean ups, groceries, eating out and those everyday purchases. Perfect for gifts or use for yourself.

GREAT NEWS…Target is now one of the vendors in the program!

How to Order:

  1. Complete the order form – OR – visit scripzone.com and place your order online using group 603483HWM. Orders need to be placed by 9am on Fridays.
  2. Send order forms and checks (made payable to Candia PTO) to school in an envelope labeled PTO Gift Cards. If you order online, you simply need to send in the payment.
  3. Gift Cards will be returned to you the following Friday. Gift cards can be picked up at school or sent home in your child's Friday folders. Let us know your preference for delivery.

To order by credit card

You must go online and register your card, using the information above. Once you have placed the order, you will be asked your shipping preference. If you prefer, you can have the gift cards sent to your home (at your cost of $1.00) in which case the order will immediately go through. If you have the cards shipped to school at no expense to you, the cards will be sent home through your child on Friday. For every credit card sale, the normal 3% fee for card use will apply and the PTO will lose that % of sale AND any vendors offering less than the 3% will not be available for purchase. (We encourage paying by check.)

How the 50/50 Split Works

  1. Order your gift card as you normally would (see instructions above).  For each gift card purchase you make, the PTO splits the profit 50/50 between the PTO and the ordering 'family account'. For example, say you purchase a $100 gift card from Home Depot.  Home Depot gives back 4% to the PTO.  The PTO splits the profit 50/50 between the PTO and the ordering 'family account'; $2 to the PTO, $2 to your 'family account'.
  2. The PTO keeps track of each ‘family account’ using software provided by ScripZone. Twice a year (fall and spring), letters are sent home letting you know your family balance.
  3. When you are ready to use the funds for a school field trip (such as Science Camp or Washington, D.C. Trip), the PTO will write a check to the Moore School on your behalf.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact candiaptogiftcards@gmail.com or call Cristy Laughton at 828-6175.